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Oct. 2, 2023

144 Pages

ISBN 9781951390303



Oct. 2, 2023

144 Pages, 5.25x8

ISBN 9781951390310

MOON is a scroll of new poems by Pete O'Brien. For a glimpse into surreal reveries with the heart of a lynx, step right this way.

Inside this book...

like a bird


i've been told

that more is wanted


something of substance

a color maybe


something with shape



lights and darks



a man may hold

up to a mirror


as he combs his hair




that is what i give

a sort of painting


or drawing

that a man may recognize


and yet be

intrigued by the mystery of


something he can't quite

put his finger on


though the lines

and shapes are there


A thing folds into another thing



"But what is it?" he says.

"How come I don't know?"


he looks and he studies

he forgets the mirror


he fails to see

his hair falling about his eyes


for the first time


He takes the picture in both hands,

he holds it just right


He doesn't collapse into the image



he shakes himself

he looks away from the mirror


forgetting that it's there

he will miss the bus today


his mind will see

he will walk down the road


almost conscious of things

that is, almost conscious of things the way they really are


And he will smile

to himself


He will have no idea what is meant by the word More

He will only know

to be

He will only imagine

like a bird

An excerpt from MOON: POEMS.

Copyright 2023 by Pete O'Brien. All Rights Reserved.

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