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Hi, I'm Pete O'Brien, Founder of Xyloquirk. I'm an indie writer and artist currently not publishing other writers and artists. Xyloquirk is about creativity. I write surreal fiction and poetry to plumb a colourful, imaginative, experimental, upbeat, and quirky reality. I release at least one title a year.


Thank you so much for visiting. And if you let others know about Xyloquirk, I thank you again. I hope you will stay curious, explore the books, and enjoy.

Xyloquirk Books, Est. 2019, Maryland

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A painting that resembles clouds, in many colors.

a section from an unfinished painting

(untitled) acrylics on canvas

by Pete O'Brien - October 2, 2019

 Literary Magazine

Pete O'Brien is published in FlashPointVisit, and click on Web Issues 10, 12, 13, and 18, and the Clarice Lispector Special.

Getting in Touch:  Email: obrienp (dot) email (at) gmail (dot) com

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