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FIELDS: POEMS is a book of poems by Pete O'Brien. 

Inside this book...

if i have existed

if i have existed

but they just close their eyes

if i have walked

but the pie is only of the sky

when you come, if you come

when i drown again

my demise, as before, is rudimentary

the instruments of detection

plow into a cavity of vast dimensions

and i seem to see a wrinkle on a dragonfly

before i saunter into the silken web

where i am bound and thrown

into a pattern of thankfulness

that will not be denied

i stand beside me

as my body escapes me

and i become even more invisible

than i was in the womb

or the day i was born

i will never be a radio

though i'm full of hymns

i will never be a stranger

but solitude rushes in

An excerpt from FIELDS: POEMS

Copyright 2024 by Pete O'Brien. All Rights Reserved.

Product Details



Mar. 11, 2024

136 Pages

ISBN 9781951390358



Mar. 11, 2024

136 Pages, 5.5x8.25

ISBN 9781951390341

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