offbeat, surreal fiction and poetry

Pete O'Brien

born in the Midwest, lives in Maryland

"(Pete O'Brien's The Loose Purple Tie: 3 Novellas is) an original, mind-bending, and surreal exploration of creativity....quirky, fresh times dreamlike and poetic....playful humor...utterly unpredictable surprises....gems of insight and wisdom woven into the stories...."

-Laura Resau, Author of What the Moon Saw

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"O'Brien's writing is a marvel of style, a fountain of whimsy, intimate and sly, plain-spoken yet always suprising - you can never tell where any sentence will go - occasionally harrowing but consistently laugh-out-loud funny."

-John Foley, Web Editor of FlashPoint,


Two supremely original stories. In "Wrecking Ball," Clay gets rich quick but can't seem to avoid getting hit just as quick as he...

[Ebook cover.] Read THE SUBSTANTIVE THIEF alongside an old-school nonsense novel. The world you will land in...

ARRIVAL DAY is a phospholuminescent romp about a pivotal accident and its aftermath that is as strange as...

HAIKU WONDER contains over eight hundred haikus. Now the plight of the natural world is on Pete's mind, and he is healed in his...

Pete O'Brien's storytelling debut. Here writer Morgan Staunch finds himself on the page of his own story: his character Henrieta...

A wide-ranging collection of frolicking poems with a light touch and robust juxtaposition of words, sounds, and images...

THE OLD ROAD contains over eighty short poems. Nature is often the theme, but so are parking lots, cosmonaut squirrels...

[Paperback cover.] Read THE SUBSTANTIVE THIEF alongside an old-school nonsense novel. The world you will land in...

The poems of THE MAGNIFICENT MUNIFICENCE zip, zap, and zup with the quirky, weird, and surreal. A highly imaginative journey...

MYRON EBERLEY: A NOVEL tells the story of a little known writer brought into the light against all odds, on the fantastical planet Terth...

In addition to writing books, Pete O'Brien enjoys going for walks. And sometimes he brings his camera along. Nature inspires.

[the fading sky]

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Sorry there's not a snowman in the dingle, but this photograph caught our eye and we needed something to fill the box.

[glorious trees]

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a section from an unfinished painting

(untitled) acrylics on canvas

by Pete O'Brien - October 2, 2019

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