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The logo of Xyloquirk Books resembles a guitar pick with rock formations on it.

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The cover of ZYGO: A NOVEL shows a red dinosaur-like monster against a blue background.
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The cover of PHALANX UPROAR: POEMS is a colorful dilsplay of abstract forms.
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"What I like most about Pete O'Brien's poetry is it addresses the imagination -- unlike so much American poetry written in the last 70 years. "

John Foley,

FlashPoint literary magazine,

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Praise for Phalanx Uproar: Poems

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"Inventive and inspiring! Moving and delightful! I heartily recommend Phalanx Uproar: Poems by Pete O'Brien."

John Clarke,

Author of The Breeze at Dawn: Selected Poems

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Praise for Phalanx Uproar: Poems

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PETE O'BRIEN Born in the Midwest, Lives in Maryland


 What It's About 

Hi, I'm Pete O'Brien, Founder of Xyloquirk. I want to share the Xyloquirk story with you. It begins with a vision: I write and publish surreal fiction and poetry to help foster a colourful, imaginative, experimental, upbeat, and quirky reality. I release one or more titles a year, and they are available throughout the world. Xyloquirk is about creativity.

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Thank you so much for visiting. Stay curious, read the books, contribute by word of mouth to the cause, and enjoy.

Pete O'Brien

Xyloquirk Books, Est. 2019, Maryland

"The Loose Purple Tie entranced and delighted me. What a quirky, playful, and utterly unique book! The interwoven stories swept me away with dreamy, poetic prose and bursts of mind-bending insights. I thoroughly enjoyed this exploration of the mysteries of story-telling and creativity. Get ready for wonderment at every turn!"

--Laura Resau, Award-winning Author of Tree of Dreams

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"Pete O'Brien's The Loose Purple Tie is funny, zestful, realistic, unreal, fascinating -- a continual delight!"

--John Foley, FlashPoint literary magazine,


The cover of Two Novellas shows a yellow cat, a red apple, a yellow disc.

Two supremely original stories. In "Wrecking Ball," Clay gets rich quick but can't seem to avoid getting hit just as quick as he...

The Substantive Thief ebook cover shows a spread of many textured colors, with the title in black.

[Ebook cover.] Read THE SUBSTANTIVE THIEF alongside an old-school nonsense novel. The world you will land in...

The cover of Arrival Day shows a calendar made up of colored squares, a pink door, a yellow door.

ARRIVAL DAY is a phospholuminescent romp about a pivotal accident and its aftermath that is as strange as...

The cover of Haiku Wonder shows the morning sun shining through trees leaving long shadows.

HAIKU WONDER contains over eight hundred haikus. Now the plight of the natural world is on Pete's mind, and he is healed in his...

The cover of The Loose Purple Tie shows a colorful man consisting of colored shapes.

Pete O'Brien's storytelling debut. Here writer Morgan Staunch finds himself on the page of his own story: his character Henrieta...

The cover of The Library of Oscar Strange shows a chair consisting of colored shapes tilted back.

A wide-ranging collection of frolicking poems with a light touch and robust juxtaposition of words, sounds, and images...

The cover of The Old Road shows a photo converted into a bronze line drawing of a cat on a chair.

THE OLD ROAD contains over eighty short poems. Nature is often the theme, but so are parking lots, cosmonaut squirrels...

The cover of The Substantive Thief paperback shows a colorful textured painting.

[Paperback cover.] Read THE SUBSTANTIVE THIEF alongside an old-school nonsense novel. The world you will land in...

The cover of The Magnificent Munificence shows a line design of doodles.

The poems of THE MAGNIFICENT MUNIFICENCE zip, zap, and zup with the quirky, weird, and surreal. A highly imaginative journey...

The cover of Myron Eberley shows a painting that resembles a bird in many colors.

MYRON EBERLEY: A NOVEL tells the story of a little known writer brought into the light against all odds, on the fantastical planet Terth...

The Cover of Squiggle shows a tree-being with a face and hand-like roots in black and white.

SQUIGGLE. A very fine novella followed by a deliciously bold short story. Read the novella EDGAR when the world needs to be...

The cover of PHALANX UPROAR: POEMS is a colorful surreal image that contains an abstract bird image.

PHALANX UPROAR: POEMS. All new poems, including haiku, invented form, and free verse works, beginning with a cat...

GET IT: Only available in paperback. Amazon

The cover of ZYGO: A NOVEL shows a red dinosaur-like monster against a blue background.

ZYGO: A NOVEL is a story of beginnings. The place is Zepher, a world of more than one world. It is home to Zack, but...

An art photo of a deer antler on a bed of moss, with a green filter.

A picture of a deer antler on a bed of moss, with spring on the way, is how we come up with a place holder for a future book...

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A photo of bare trees reaching to the sky of puffy white clouds and sun.

A brilliant display of clouds and sunshine as winter draws to a close, and we find ourselves, once again in need of filler...

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A painting that resembles clouds, in many colors.

a section from an unfinished painting

(untitled) acrylics on canvas

by Pete O'Brien - October 2, 2019

 Literary Magazine

Pete O'Brien is published in FlashPointVisit, and click on Web Issues 10, 12, 13, and 18, and the Clarice Lispector Special.

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