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"The Loose Purple Tie entranced and delighted me. What a quirky, playful, and utterly unique book! The interwoven stories swept me away with dreamy, poetic bursts of mind-bending insights. I thoroughly enjoyed this exploration of the mysteries of story-telling and creativity. Get ready for wonderment at every turn!"

Laura Resau, Award-winning Author of Tree of Dreams

"Pete O'Brien's The Loose Purple Tie is funny, zestful, realistic, unreal, fascinating--a continual delight!"

John Foley, FlashPoint,

"What I like most about Pete O'Brien's poetry is it addresses the imagination--unlike so much American poetry written in the last 70 years."

John Foley, FlashPoint,

"Inventive and inspiring! Moving and delightful! I heartily recommend Phalanx Uproar: Poems by Pete O'Brien."

John Clarke, Author of The Breeze at Dawn: Selected Poems

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